our mission

At the Kupa Shel Tzedaka, our motto is 100% Tzedaka. It’s as simple as that. Every donation we receive goes directly to helping our families.

help & support

Volunteers work all hours of the day and night to ensure that no one in our community is suffering alone.

our programs

Through concerted and well-organized efforts, we assist families imprisoned by financial crisis.

Are you ready to volunteer?

Do you have a service or expertise to offer that the Kupa needs? Donate your time and talent to help your neighbors.
Even children can sign up to help with Kupa activities and chessed projects.

become a volunteer

Where does your money go?

We want to show our supporters how they have helped us to changes
lives. For more detailed accounts you can read our trustees report.

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100% goes to the field.

When you fundraise or donate, every dollar goes directly to building
clean water projects. Private donors fund our operating costs, so 100% of
your money can go to the field.

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We prove every project

We work with local partners to build water projects around the world.
And every time we complete one, we prove it using photos and GPS
coordinates on Google Maps.

About Us

The Kupa Shel Tzedaka of RBS Alef was established when Ramat Beit Shemesh was still a fledgling community, by residents who saw the need to help the financially-disadvantaged in their neighborhood. Over time, the initially modest effort evolved into the full-service organization it is today, comprised of over 300 volunteers and professionals and dozens of children, all who give of their time freely and tirelessly.

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